Liberty Sigorta Agency World B2B Communication

We created a communication platform where insurance agents can generate and share their own content and strengthen their connection with our brand. We shared hints for growing their businesses in addition to direct information about our products and services. Agents loved this group and they became our promoters themselves as they were the first to test our new products and services.

They won surprise gifts with our competitions and we did not forget to thank to our most active members. We prepared  customized info-graphic posters which summarized the 6 months we spent together. We put the paintings by the children of our agents, into our 2017 desktop calendar and we further strengthened our emotional bonds with them. We prepared mailings for the agents who were not a member of our group yet and told them about what they were missing. We e-mailed 12.500 agents within 6 months. While 780 was the number of agents who work with Liberty Sigorta, a total of more than 2.600 agents, which is 1/6 of all agents in Turkey, became members of Liberty Agency World. And, this world is growing day by day.

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